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Fibre optic communal TV systems

Commercial buildings and businesses often have a higher need for satellite systems than individual residents. With a higher level of usage, it’s important to go for top quality designs, products and installations, and we at SDS TV can offer all those things. We have undertaken some of the largest communal TV systems installed in the UK using fibre optic technology with over 2000 points from one dish and aerial.

Transmitting your needs

There’s a satellite solution to every problem. With our experts and technicians available, you can now transmit all your tenant’s viewing requests through a single dish, keep your premises protected with CCTV and sort out any office need you might have. 

Tailored and efficient solutions

Don’t want any extras slowing you down? All of our services are tailored to your specific needs and fully customisable so if you don’t want a certain feature, we can get rid of it. Our technicians will walk you through the system usage to make sure you’re confident using it, and our installation is fast and discreet so as not to disturb normal business.

Contracts and maintenance for peace of mind

Don’t fret about your system collapsing, parts needing to be replaced, or any other technological troubles. We offer a maintenance service on all of our systems to keep them in good working order and can perform repairs when necessary. We also offer commercial businesses the chance to get an annual contract so if something does break, you know you’re covered.
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