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Stay Connected With Our Mobile Phone Boosters

Nothing’s worse than losing phone reception in the middle of an important call, or standing on the table trying to get a signal. Make sure your tenants, guests or business employees can perform their jobs and stay in touch with our mobile phone boosters.

Connect your whole building

Our system tackles the main problems of poor phone reception: distance from the base station, causing a weak signal, and construction materials creating a barrier that signals can’t get through. The high-tech aerials we use capture the signal and distribute it through the entire building, making sure everyone has great reception.

Designed and installed specially for you

Some buildings need a little extra boost to get their reception to the speed they need due to thick walls, steel structures, or distance from base stations. So our technicians will carry out a property survey to assess your needs and let you know which of our mobile phone boosters will give you the best reception. Installation is quick and won’t disrupt your working day due to our efficient and experienced technicians.
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